Kestrel TSCM ® Professional Software

Signals Intelligence Support System (SISS)

Powerful Software Defined Radio (SDR) Spectrum Analytics Software


The Kestrel TSCM ® Professional Software is a powerful and flexible operator centric software application ideal for advanced radio-frequency spectrum monitoring, and geo-location heat mapping that is developed on the principles of a standards-based dimensional RF propagation model.

Kestrel ® leverages the most advanced RF sensor-based Software Defined Radio (SDR) hardware technology, and provides functionality far beyond that found in typical commercial spectrum analyzers.

Kestrel ® embodies unique capabilities that make it particularly attractive for Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) and for Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) applications.

Kestrel ® is ideal for protective intelligence and executive protection, counter terrorism, managed Remote Spectrum Surveillance and Monitoring (RSSM) TM, and many other demanding applications within the law enforcement community, government, military, space, and spectrum regulatory agencies at the national security level.

Kestrel ® provides unique features and functionality particularly useful for private sector and corporate security teams conducting counter-espionage related technical security operations for all known and emerging threat technology.

“The competition tells its potential customers that the problem with the Kestrel TSCM ® Professional Software, is that it captures too many signals – Inexplicably Ironic…”

Kestrel ® is an operator centric SDR application optimized for TSCM and similar radio-frequency and power line applications.

Kestrel ® brings an array of extraordinary features carefully designed to bring the TSCM professional operator back into the equation. The resultant synergies greatly improve effectiveness in comparison with typical industry spectrum analyzers.

There is a growing need for advanced TSCM capabilities, such as those provided by the Kestrel TSCM ® Professional Software. Industry, government organizations, and even private individuals, face a host of increasingly formidable security threats.

Technical advances and market forces have made available inexpensive consumer devices of astonishing sophistication that can be readily adapted for illicit surveillance. Surveillance can even be carried out by compromising wireless devices owned by the victim. The threat is no longer limited to a few hostile nation state actors; it could be virtually anybody.

Kestrel ® reflects the decades of practical experience and its progressive development ensures it will continue to meet the evolving needs of TSCM and other professionals. The experience and real-world needs of professionals like you, continue to drive the future evolution of the Kestrel ® software development process

Technical operators have been complaining for years about the lack of mission specific features and functionality required in the field; they now have the opportunity to influence the development of tools and features that they will benefit from in the future.


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Kestrel TSCM ® Professional Software

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