Kestrel AI Machine Learning

Although still in the early stages of the development process, the Kestrel AI Machine Learning capability is taking shape and is being rolled out across the Kestrel TSCM Professional Software. The Kestrel AI Machine Learning capability was first introduced and released as a functional component of our Exceedance Detect Model (EDM). Subsequently, several new component features were developed as a result of on-going deployment requirements within professional government circles responsible for national security level TSCM and SIGINT in a modern moving target threat model. Kestrel’s tremendous success and growing popularity is firmly based on our innovative break-through and uniquely developed methodology of Total Energy Capture (TEC). Our latest AI capability adds new machine learning to the Minimum Detection Amplitude (MDA) resource and an additional layer of AI machine learning to the EDM feature. All of these powerful new resources and capability are real-world and very relevant features-sets that are experience-based from the ground up. Our software development group takes great pride in taking the mighty Kestrel to the next level with every new release. Our most recent achievement includes additional capability added to our Dynamic Spectral Ranges (DSR) technology this past week, with the addition of a powerful on-the-fly dynamic DSR editor used to build site specific or spectrum band overlays. Kestrel is an operator centric technology; includes and promotes the professional technical operator as the spectrum analyzer. Software interoperability, and component integration, means that the technical operator can focus on signal analytics and handle localization tasks more effectively, no matter the working environment. Kestrel Certified Technical Operator (CTO) and Certified Government Technical Operator (CGTO) training teaches on-the-fly critical thinking and threat assessment; not the limitations of learning in a fake hotel room or other type of environment. The Kestrel TSCM Professional Software is about to take yet another industry relevant leap forward as we approach 2024. New technology is on the horizon with advances in our Kestrel Central Visualizer-Remote Radio Management (KCV-RRM) technology. Our Receiver Differential Signal Analysis (RDSA) Dimensional Geo-Location Heat Mapping and our Tap Capture Plot (TCP) resource, continue to merge and expand to meet a fast growing and evolving, threat environment globally. See what others are saying! See you at ERII 2024