Kestrel GSAD KRT Platform

As many of you may have been aware, the Global Spectrum Analysis Database, or the Kestrel GSAD KRT Platform out grew the space allocated, do to the overwhelming response from technical operators worldwide, who have submitted Kestrel GSAD KRT Platform files for posting. The GSAD platform is a globally coordinated reference trace repository available to the Kestrel community. Our powerful TSB 2000 (Technical) Standard includes a requirement for the coordination of the radio-frequency spectrum for use within a Remote Spectrum Surveillance and Monitoring (RSSM) role. As the submissions continued to be posted, there was not enough storage space available. Effective immediately, the Kestrel GSAD KRT Platform has been rendered alphabetically across several new pages, allowing considerable more database storage. The GSAD platform is maintained within the protected Technical Support Group Resource Centre website. Kestrel Reference Trace (KRT) files are captured during deployment and submitted to for posting to the GSAD database. Files are accessible by authorized technical operators, for import directly into working runtime projects or historical analytical project files. GSAD files are rendered in ZIP format and can be imported directly into the application as a direct noise-floor referenced comparative. Any number of KRT files can be captured, exported, imported and displayed on the Real-Time Spectrum Display (RSD). The GSAD KRT Platform is a unique TSCM resource with the ability to manage source files downloaded from the the TSG website, or captured and stored locally on the Kestrel TSCM Professional Software platform. GSAD provides a unique look at the ambient radio-frequency spectrum in regions that the technical operator may not be familiar. Kestrel provides a low cost scalable solution for facility monitoring and operator assisted deployment. The ability to utilize time-based comparative traces is fully supported with our unique reference-level offset capability. We hope to see you in a future CTO or CGTO program.