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Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., is pleased to announce the following company news items and corporate updates. If you would like information regarding our operational capability, professional standards, TSCM training and certification, please contact us by email or call to discuss confidential matters with one of our certified Technical Security Specialists (TSS).





Kestrel GSAD KRT Platform

As many of you may have been aware, the Global Spectrum Analysis Database, or the Kestrel GSAD KRT Platform out grew the space allocated, do to the overwhelming response from technical operators worldwide, who have submitted Kestrel GSAD KRT Platform files for posting. The GSAD platform is a globally coordinated reference trace repository available to

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Mighty Kestrel v1.49xx Update

Wow, another super feature ready for final release! We have now incorporated a powerful new addition to the Tap Capture Plot (TCP) feature within the pending Mighty Kestrel v1.49xx Update. This is an important release given the complexities of navigating larger facilities at higher perceived threat levels. Our Mighty Kestrel v1.49xx Update already support the

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Kestrel Update v1.48xx

We are pleased to announce a very significant new Kestrel TSCM Professional Software release. Our Kestrel Update v1.48xx is now available and is yet another true industry disruptive milestone, advancing the art and science of technical security. Our latest Kestrel Update v1.48xx has been several months in the making and has seen a wide range

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Kestrel SIGINT Professional Software

Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., is please to announce the initial release of our government only SIGINT software. Our initial release includes all of the standard TSCM functionality and a powerful new Advanced Project Management (APM) TM and Advanced Radio Recovery (ARR) TM feature that includes our Hot-Swap Radio (HSR) TM capability. The Kestrel SIGINT

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United Kingdom and Versailles France

Our first week in the United Kingdom ended with a very productive side trip to Versailles France to meet with existing and new Kestrel users. Our mission is progressing well, with still another week of meetings and our exhibiting at the Security & Policing UK Home Office event. Team Kestrel has strengthened our relationship with

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15th Canadian Technical Security Conference

The 15th Canadian Technical Security Conference is fast approaching. The 15th Canadian Technical Security Conference is scheduled to run from Tuesday April 25, 2023 to Thursday April 27, 2023 at the University of Calgary | Downtown Campus. CTSC 2023 is the 15th annual event wit a focus on TSCM and a Cyber-Security. component. This year’s

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TSCM and Cyber Security Event

The only long standing TSCM and Cyber Security event is coming to Calgary Alberta (Canada) from April 25, 2023 to April 27, 2023 at the University of Calgary Downtown Campus! This event is the only TSCM focused event, running since 2006. The TSCM and Cyber Security event is called the Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC).

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