Kestrel Update Week 4

Our travel has taken us across three countries so far and is witness to this Kestrel Update Week 4 briefing of our training delivery. Next week and beyond, will see two (2) more countries added to the list. Our aggressive training agenda is is the net result of shutting down all the counterfeit training entities across Europe this past year. The Kestrel Update Week 4 is unique in that every week until December 22nd is booked solid! We will have completed training for more participants in two months, than the entire previous year. There are a couple of days here and there off for good behavior and to allow one to collect their thoughts. However, Vilution Limited and Professional Development TSCM Group are firmly committed and focused on the task at hand, and in keeping little Kestrel warm and happy, as Rebecca multi-tasks, and I focus to tackle complex national security Certified Government Technical Operator (CGTO) training. Little Kestrel has already travelled to Canada, the United Kingdom and Europe, bringing his mommy along for moral support! As we introduce a new hardware product into the Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) market and the new government only Kestrel SIGINT Professional Software across the United Kingdom and the European Union, considerable new opportunities are presenting themselves, above and beyond our expectations. Our message about obsolete resources, methods and techniques is hitting home with the majority of operators; but admittedly, there is still plenty of work to be done, with a few holding on to the past. It is a slow, but sure progress with some technical operators, who have started to see the reality. Next week, we will once again battle the misinformation passed out by those interested in only sales to potential and existing customers at MILIPOL. The mighty Kestrel, its, standards, methodology, focus on the operator, unique features, and powerful Total Energy Capture (TEC); innovation and break-through in the face of IOT and 5G threats continues to take hold and advance. It is not about the TSCM platform, it is about the spectrum warrior! We will see you at MILIPOL 2023 next week at stand 4E 022. Please drop by our exhibit for an open and honest refreshing look at the latest wonderful new features within Kestrel TSCM and Kestrel SIGINT Professional Software. There is no appointment necessary for the Kestrel community of spectrum warriors. Please note that Kestrel SIGINT will only be introduced and demonstrated to government verified technical operators.