Mighty Kestrel v1.49xx Update

Wow, another super feature ready for final release! We have now incorporated a powerful new addition to the Tap Capture Plot (TCP) feature within the pending Mighty Kestrel v1.49xx Update. This is an important release given the complexities of navigating larger facilities at higher perceived threat levels. Our Mighty Kestrel v1.49xx Update already support the full TSP feature as a standard included capability. Why, because we determined that it is so essential to conducting modern TSCM inspections that we felt that every competent technical operator needed to deploy this technology. TCP is a powerful algorithmic dimensional geo-graphical heat mapping resource that works within the across the application is a integrated and interoperable core technology, or as a stand-alone feature within the Tap Capture Plot capability. As we say, it is not just about the feature, but rather the methodology that Kestrel has made famous with a Total Energy Capture (TEC) deployment methodology. Our latest development integration adds a new standards-based Antenna Placement Distance (APD) algorithmic (threat + distance) capability that takes all the guess work out of working within a standards-based approach. It literally took years of field and lab testing and evaluation to develop a suitable algorithmic solution based on real-world radio-frequency threats evaluated in real-world conditions. It is this scientific research and development that has allowed our scientific discoveries to advance so quickly and efficiently. This latest feature allows the spectrum warrior to select a standards-based threat standard easily mixed with the amount of actual time on target available. Our new feature is easy to define, super fast to deploy and yields big results never seen before in a TSCM application. It is essential that all professional technical operators learn about the many benefits of a standards-based approach to liability mitigation. Looking to purchase the Kestrel TSCM Professional Software, please give us a call, or contact one of our authorized master distributors in CA, US, UK, EU, and AU regions.