MILIPOL 2023 Paris France

Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., and our partner Vilution Limited are pleased to be attending MILIPOL 2023 Paris France for the 10th year! The Kestrel TSCM Professional Software has been a tremendous success at the MILIPOL event over the past decade and MILIPOL 2023 Paris France will be no exception. Our software is the most respected TSCM application available in government circles. Our focus on innovation, low cost, and operator centric features have changed the way law-enforcement, government, and military look at counter-espionage in the face of the most complex signal environment in more than 40 years; has been a wake-up call for those who in the past, simply accepted what limited TSCM tools were available. Today, is all about change, and too many TSCM equipment providers are simply too late to the game; failing to recognize and accept the realities of industry change. The Kestrel TSCM Professional Software is standards-based innovation resource that is maintained on a daily basis with new features, new technology, and new techniques, all in keeping with advances in state-sponsored threat actor tactics, who simply don’t care about your expertise, defensive technology, or knowledge. The authorized government technical operators see many obstacles placed in the way from legal restrictions, to uninformed procurement polices that do little more than empower the threat actor! Kestrel brings powerful common-sense; experienced based features to the modern spectrum warrior, all in support of the detection, identification, characterization, localization and dimensional geo-location, all under our powerful Total Energy Capture (TEC) methodology. At MILIPOL 2023, the Kestrel TSCM Professional Software will introduce all the latest threat management resources, while the competition tries to convince its customers that the mighty Kestrel was right all along about the direction necessary to advance the radio-frequency spectrum security. We are happy they are promoting our standards and innovative concept. We could never ask for such validation without the marketing efforts of competitive interests. Kestrel simply did it first; and definitively does it better! See our tradeshow exhibition schedule for the coming year. Next stop will be the UK Home Office (S&P) opportunity.