Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., is pleased to announce the following company news items and updates. If you would like information regarding our operational capability and professional standards, please contact us by email or call to discuss confidential matters with one of our Technical Security Specialists.





Certified Technical Operator (CTO) | Virtual Classroom

This is your last chance to reserve space for the March 2021 Kestrel TSCM Professional Software | Certified Technical Operator (CTO) training program. The training is instructor led by Paul D Turner, TSS TSI as a formalized virtual classroom format, running from March 08, 2021 to Friday March 12, 2021. Training begins at 0500 (MST)

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Kestrel TSCM Professional Software | v1.41-3 (Full Installer) Official Release

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of the latest full installer version of the Kestrel TSCM Professional Software. This latest release provides a number of minor reported bug fixes and adds additional support coding in preparation of the pending release of several powerful new features. Our new Kestrel Learning Mode (KLM), GEN II

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All Things Kestrel | Virtual Classroom Series | February 2021

The Wednesday February 24, 2021 session will tackle RF Detection of Internal Clock and Timing Emissions from (powered) Non-Radiating Electronics and introduce the use of Non-Linear Junction Detection (NLJD) Technology. There is no tuition fee requirement for licensed technical operators of the Kestrel TSCM Professional Software. Please contact GABRIELE CONFLITTI for information or to register

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Kestrel TSCM Professional Software | Preliminary Release Announcement

In preparation for a soon to be released Operator Frequency Database (OFD) capability, we have now posted a working sample CSV file and a preliminary Operators User Manual describing the operation of the feature. The preliminary files are location within the protected SUPPLIMENTAL DOCUMENTATION and the OPERATOR DOWNLOAD CENTRE area of the technical support website.

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Mobile Monitoring and Analysis Platform (MMAP)

The Kestrel Mobile Monitoring and Analysis Platform (MMAP) provides powerful RF spectrum dominance for high value targets. MMAP operators can now upgrade to our (optional) 2nd generation Dimensional Geo-Location Heat Mapping capability. This important resource provides full interoperability with our Dynamic Trace Autonomous Platform (DTAP) capability. MMAP operators are encouraged to purchase the latest OPT

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Global Spectrum Analysis Database (GSAD) | Updated

The Kestrel TSCM Professional Software | Global Spectrum Analysis Database (GSAD) has been updated with additional Kestrel Reference Trace (KRT) files. Multiple GSAD-KRT files can be downloaded and imported into any Kestrel Project File (KST) and utilized as background comparative reference data. The GSAD files can be accessed within the Kestrel Technical Support Group (TSG)

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Kestrel – Advanced Signals Intelligence Database (ASID) | FDB File Update

We are pleased to confirm updates to the ASID database have been posted for the Australia (State and Territory) Frequency Database (FDB), Canada (Province and Territory) Frequency Database (FDB), and the United States of America (State and Territory) Frequency Database (FDB). Technical operators can download the FDB files for use within the Kestrel TSCM Professional

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Authorized Distributor Announcement | Acerbi Power S.r.l. (Milan) Italy

We are pleased to welcome Acerbi Power as an authorized international distribution partner representing the Kestrel TSCM Professional Software in Milan Italy. Kestrel is actively sold in 50 countries worldwide across the private and public sector for a wide range of commercial applications, regulatory enforcement, telecommunications monitoring, law-enforcement applications, government, military and national security interests.

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All Things Kestrel | Virtual Classroom Series

Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., is pleased to confirm that additional dates have been confirmed for our popular Kestrel TSCM Professional Software application tutorials. The additional dates have been posted on the Training and Certification page. Our All Things Kestrel | Virtual Classroom Series has been successfully running since July 2020 and provides a 3-hour

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5-Day | Certified Technical Operator (CTO) Virtual Classroom

We are pleased to confirm additional dates for our 5-day (full-time) WebEx Remote Virtual Classroom training. This is a full-time instructor led training opportunity specifically for licensed Kestrel TSCM Professional Software operators. Classes are run from our Red Deer Training Centre (RDTC) technology centre, classroom and RF lab located in Alberta Canada. This program is

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