Custom Software Development

 Custom Software Development

The Kestrel TSCM ® Professional Software is specifically designed for the future, and our intelligent design and development strategy permits the software to adapt well to technological advancements and improvements in Software Defined Radio (SDR) hardware for years to come.

 SDR Radio Support

Our strategy has been to partner with key industry manufacturers and not waste valuable time and energy supporting every obsolete or knock-off receiver and / or spectrum analyzer on the market.

It is not the quantity of support radios that count, but rather, the quality and suitability of the radio.

There are many radios that simply have little or no Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) or Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) value, and lack either essential capability or functionality for use in real-world deployment scenarios.

Each supported search receiver (radio) or spectrum analyzer selected for development must first pass rigorous qualification and suitability testing, prior to advancing to the Kestrel Support Profile (KSP) TM development phase.

 Feature Development

Our commitment to developing new, real world features and functionality is driven by professional technical operator input within the private and public sector.

Our software is 100% scalable from (DC to 325 GHz) with a robust software architecture that is designed to deliver today’s mission critical deployment requirements and adapt to tomorrows threat technology.

Our software is designed, developed and qualification tested by our Software Development Group (SDG) TM and our Technical Research and Standards Group (TRSG) TM in real-world field deployment scenarios by our highly experienced and qualified Technical Security Specialists (TSS) TM.

Our software is not open source, and is developed 100% in Canada, ensuring safety, security and integrity of the source code, unlike many foreign developed software products on the market.

It is all about trust and integrity, and Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., has earned the respect of technical operators worldwide.

 Source Code Controlled

Our software and is strictly controlled utilizing advanced Activation Security Keys (ASK) TM and our unique Challenge and Response Code (CRC) TM authentication provides a strong licensing and authentication process.

Each individual search receiver or spectrum analyzer must be supported and licensed for use with the Kestrel TSCM ® Professional Software.

Each software license permits the end-user to install the software on two (2) host computers and provides for the use of two (2) supported SDR receivers in a dual receiver hand-off configuration with a single license.

There are a number of available software options that extend the software capability.

Enterprise Licensing

Enterprise licensing can be implemented for multiple license management within large organizations that require a functional multiple user licensing process, annual maintenance and advanced technical support across a global infrastructure.

Requirements include a minimum number of software licenses and a balanced ratio of licenses vs radios.

 Custom Feature Integration

Our Software Development Group (SDG) TM can respond to requests and design, integrate and customized application specific functionality, and seamlessly integrate your custom features into the Kestrel TSCM ® Professional Software application.

Our development rate structure is straight forward and always quoted upfront so that there no surprises or project cost over runs.

Custom features fall into several categories including those that are developed only for a specific end-user and other features that will become fully integrated in the official release control feature list.

Restricted features are generally those that include capabilities beyond the public domain, specific to law-enforcement, government, military, or regulatory organizations.

Kestrel (SDR) Support Profile (KSP)

The Kestrel TSCM ® Professional Software is designed with future SDR (hardware) receiver support capability in mind.

Our Software Development Group (SDG) TM can develop a custom Application Programming Interface (API) and provide Command and Control (C2) integration support for Standard Instrument Communication Protocols (SICP) and other programming platforms for specific end-user hardware.