Global Spectrum Analysis Database (GSAD)

Global Spectrum Analysis Database (GSAD) TM

GSAD TM is a powerful global spectrum analysis database that is the the direct result of the combined effort of Kestrel TSCM ® Professional Software technical operators through the shared submission of Kestrel Reference Trace (KRT) TM files. This resource provides peak reference files that are transportable across the all licensed technical operators.

Any number of Kestrel Reference Trace (KRT) TM files can be imported and displayed on the RF Spectrum Display (RSD) TM and used as a comparative reference against unfamiliar spectrum environments during travel. The Import of KRT files and the direct import of ZIP files is supported at the software level.

Belgium | 2 Records

Canada | 96 Records

France | 1 Record

Scotland | 4 Records

Singapore | 1 Record

Switzerland | 1 Record

United Kingdom | 12 Records

United States of America | 17 Records