Frequency Database (FDB) Files (Updated)

The Kestrel TSCM Professional Software supports the entire Australian (ACMA), Canadian (TAFL) and United States of America (FCC) official licensing databases for direct overlay of the RF Spectrum Display (RFD) within the Kestrel TSCM Professional Software. All three (3) databases have been updated and the resulting proprietary Frequency Database (FDB) files have been posted for download by technical operators. We recently announced that our new Operator Frequency Database (OFD) is available for use the same way that the official licensing databases are utilized across the software. We have provided a direct CSV file import capability for the OFD capability, based on a structured and formatted CSV sample file available for download from the Technical Support Group (TSG) Resource Centre website, along with a detailed user manual located on the supplemental documentation page to guide new OFD users in creating their own proprietary database for use within a licensed instance of the software. The FDB and OFD render together on the spectrum display as violet and teal shading for easy operator discrimination during field deployment of the feature. Working near a border region with another province, state or Frequency Database (FDB) supported country? No problem, the Advanced Signals Intelligence Database (ASID) technology, supports the ability to open multiple database files across multiple provinces, states and countries and integrate multiple Operator Frequency Database (OFD) files in the mix for a 360 degree radio-frequency license data coverage. This is just another example of powerful modern TSCM specific capability simply not found in other less competitive products. Each FDB and OFD reference entry allows the technical operator to open a detailed database record, display the transmitter on a map overlay, satellite view, street view, or as a static image reference plot. Our ASID technology is an extremely powerful tool for professional technical operators that deploy into less familiar areas or regions. TSCM has never been this easy! Join the Kestrel innovation team Software Development Group (SDG) today and see just how much you have been missing! Looking for quality supported SDR hardware? Visit Signal Hound or ThinkRF Corporation for technical specifications.