Kestrel SIGINT Professional Software

Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., is please to announce the initial release of our government only SIGINT software. Our initial release includes all of the standard TSCM functionality and a powerful new Advanced Project Management (APM) TM and Advanced Radio Recovery (ARR) TM feature that includes our Hot-Swap Radio (HSR) TM capability. The Kestrel SIGINT Professional Software is our latest disruptive technology. Our government only SIGINT software is as unique as our TSCM software. There are many more exciting core technology features pending release including our Spectral Energy Direction Finding (SEDF) TM feature and Digital Signal Protocol Visualizer (DSPV) TM are just two of the powerful included features that set a new national technical security standard. The Kestrel SIGINT Professional Software is will change the way SIGINT is conducted globally. Our government only SIGINT software development and our engineering group continue to make industry disruptive break-through discoveries with our extensive Canadian research and development process. Our extensive government client base, asked for some SIGINT capability and we responded with a powerful government only version that provides unique SIGINT focused resources in addition to all of the existing TSCM resources. The best of both worlds, in a single deployable software defined radio technology, with mission specific hardware. There are many similarities between TSCM and SIGINT, however, there are many aspects of SIGINT and EW applications that are uniquely different. The Kestrel SIGINT Professional Software addresses these differences with powerful resources for the technical analyst. There must be a symbiotic relationship between the technical operators who field manage the collection and the technical analyst’s that must extract the needle from the haystack. Kestrel TSCM and SIGINT releases remove the haystack, not try to find the needle in the haystack. The Kestrel brand is all about the technical operator. Manage large systems without the typical high cost of procurement, with systems that are supported by excellent global technical support and the best technical training in the industry.