Kestrel TSCM Professional Software | v1.42-28DEV (Drop File)

We are please to announce that a new software (drop file) release v1.42-28DEV is now available, adding several new features, including a 3D Spectrum Display, Audio IQ (Density) Display, Local Oscillator (LO) Synchronization for the existing IQ Diagram Display, improved cashing control for the WFD-WBC control and for the Advanced Report Generator (ARG) system rendering module. Work is progressing on the Kestrel Central Visualizer (KCV) | Remote Radio Management (RRM), and Enterprise Licensing for government and military entities. There are numerous other development projects in the works and these are expected to be announced the next few weeks. The Kestrel TSCM Professional Software provides advanced TSCM features for public and private sector professional TSCM technical operators. Our monthly WebEx training sessions are delivered at no-charge to licensed operators. The next “All Things Kestrel | Virtual Classroom” session is scheduled for Wednesday April 14, 2021 and will tackle the Kestrel Demodulation Control Group | Advanced FFT Visualization and IQ Recorder Operation and includes an introductory briefing on our soon to be introduced digital demodulation capability. This session discusses a number of common digital modes for familiarization purposes. Kestrel is the leading standards-based Software Defined Radio (SDR) application that provides IQ capture and playback and dimensional geo-location heat mapping.