TSCM Training and Certification

During the past year our training opportunities have been limited to our virtual classroom for the most part. Our formalized classroom based delivery is slowly and cautiously being rescheduled into the end of 2021 and optimistically back at capacity for 2022. We have recently updated some of our training program dates to include the 14-day Resident Technical Security Specialist (TSS) Designate Certification program, as well as the 5-day non-resident and 7-day resident Certified Technical Operator (CTO) training for the Kestrel TSCM Professional Software. We are very happy to be able to resume in-person, instructor led training opportunities and recognize the importance and value of in-person program content delivery. We do have a significant international backlog of training and certification commitments to catch up on, and we will be adding additional dates over the next number of weeks and months to address everyone’s training needs. The Kestrel TSCM Professional Software has continued to advance in many significant ways despite the challenges of COVID situation. If you are considering attending one of our training programs, please feel free to contact us at for program availability, scheduling and tuition.