v1.50-2DEV (Kestrel TSCM) Drop File Release

We are pleased to announce the release of the next generation of the Kestrel TSCM Professional Software. This drop file release can only be used with the Kestrel v1.42-1 (full installer) and provides several important user-interface changes. The Waterfall Buffer Clear (WBC) button has now been relocated to the upper left button structure on the main UI above the Auto Range button. The Auto Range button color is now synchronized with the Auto-Auto Range Checkbox and reports blue when the Auto-Auto Range checkbox is enabled. The Rename and Relocate Spectrum resource tools have been relocated to the bottom of the SPECTRUM menu structure. A bug within the ARG index section type has been found and fixed. We have changed the Peak Hold / Echo Mode menu option list to address the reality of extremely high-speed SDR hardware such as the Signal Hound SM200 and pending release SM435. Settings now include an operator selectable decay rate of 10 Sec, 5 Sec, 2 Sec, 1 Sec and 300 mSec to replace the former FAST, MEDIUM and SLOW options. This release also includes significant under the hood new source code in anticipation of the the pending release of Kestrel Central Visualizer (KCV) | Remote Radio Management (RRL) firmly on the horizon. Work is progressing on additional new features and functional updates to address the latest threat technology. The KCV-RRM feature is near completion and expected to be unleased at Milipol 2021 in Paris France mid-October 2021. The KCV-RRM technology is an innovative, generational resource that seamlessly brings remote resources under the direct deployment access in a master-satellite configuration across a private dedicated network or securely across a public (cloud) network environment. Further refinements are anticipated for the Advanced Report Generator (ARG) and new hardware support for the anticipated Signal Hound SM435B is currently under development.