ASID Frequency Database (FDB)

The Kestrel TSCM Professional Software | Advanced Signal Intelligence Database (ASID | Frequency Database (FDB), also known as ASID Frequency Database (FDB) files for Australia, Canada and the United States of America have been updated to the current version as of 2022-07-17 for each of the three (3) countries. The ASID-FDB feature is a significant tool in analyzing potentially unknown localized signals. There has also been a number of new developments, tweaks, bug fixes, and new features added within the mighty Kestrel TSCM Professional Software during the past couple of weeks, as we continue to develop and maintain a strong countermeasures innovation strategy. The existing Tap Capture Plot (TCP) grid overlay is now tied to the Inverse-Square propagation model making it possible to improve and fine-tune the algorithmic calculations for better overall accuracy. This tool is part of the radio-metric approach of the Tap Capture Plot (TCP) total energy capture process as defined by the TSC 2000 (Technical) Standard. Without total energy capture, your existing equipment resources are missing in the order of 40 percent of low-level and generally undetected energy sources. We have also introduced a new feature (an idea recommended by an end-user), to tie the LDSA and TCP (locations and auto-location) reference ICONS to the same color rendering scheme. This was a brilliant suggestion and was implemented the following day, and is scheduled for the next auto-updater push. A simple, but over-looked development feature. These two (2) updates further demonstrate the commitment and dedication of the Kestrel community and that of our software development group in pushing forward into new territory. The Kestrel TSCM Professional Software is the only standards-based TSCM specific software that innovates and improves the software in real-time to tackle an experience-based threat environment. If you have an idea running about in the back of your mind, no matter how remote, put pen to paper and let our experienced TSCM operators figure it out and get it into the software for the benefit of all. The Kestrel community will benefit as a result. When this happens the industry builds credibility and end-user confidence in utilizing our industry professional services, benefit all concerned, by reducing business risk and national security breaches.