Certified Technical Operator (CTO) | Update

It has been a busy couple of months for our operational and training team. We just completed our 7-day special edition of the Certified Technical Operator (CTO) and Certified Government Technical Operator (CGTO) training in June and July – now behind us, and we are looking forward to running our next two (2) CTO programs at our Red Deer Training Centre (RDTC) in Alberta Canada in August this year. There is still space available in both of these programs. Following the RDTC training, we are headed to Belgium for another CTO and separate CGTO program delivery in Brussels. The CGTO program is now closed, however, space is still available for the 4-day CTO program, the week earlier. Following this training delivery, we will be running our full 14-day Technical Security Specialist (TSS) program at our Resident Training Centre (RTC) in Cornwall Ontario Canada in October. Team Kestrel is pleased to be able to return to full classroom training for all of our instructor led programs in a somewhat post pandemic era. The stakes have never been higher and the demand for technical operators is growing across the globe as existing threat actors up their game. New and emerging threat technology and threat actors are making an appearance, bringing powerful new threat technology to the table. Operators without a modern TSCM specific platform, such as the Kestrel TSCM Professional Software and competent software-defined radio hardware, such as the Signal Hound SM435B Spectrum Analyzer and Monitoring Receiver, simply cannot remain competitive or relevant at medium and high threat levels, any longer. Check out our Kestrel TSCM software key features. Without a new standards-based approach, modern software and hardware options, professional liability becomes unmanageable in todays working environment. As Professional Development TSCM Group Inc., prepares for the Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC) event in April 2023, as well as the training leading up to this one of a kind event, our Technical Research and Standards Group (TRSG) is pushing forward into new and unknown threat territory. We are firmly committed to producing powerful new Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM) technology and achieve new milestones in Scientific Research and Development to better protect against state-sponsored acts of espionage.