July 2021 | Edition of the TSCM Newsletter

The July 2021 edition of our monthly TSCM newsletter is now posted for online viewing or download from the TECHNICAL PAPERS page. The latest edition concludes the three (3) part series on career oriented training and certification standards. The TSB 2000 (Technical) Standard is versatile, flexible, and well-balanced to meet the real-world requirements of the global Technical Security (TSEC) industry. The TSB 2000 (Technical) Standard is by design, well-positioned to incorporate a wide range of operational elements and administrative components. Standards-based training and certification provides not only an over-powering competitive edge, but also builds strong long-term client relationships. The industry is best served when a balanced, common core certification standard is implemented and achieved, with significant room for adaptability and flexibility within the standard to meet a broad spectrum of unique requirements and deployment situations. It can take years to achieve any specific certification level and   real-world work experience is an absolute requirement. An ironic fact, is how many companies and individuals there are that claim to be so-call experts, that are not members of the few legitimate professional associations, do not attend professional development opportunities or participate in any form of qualified training. Professional Development is essential to maintaining learned skill sets and keeping current on the latest threat technology, which changes daily. In our own region, there are numerous service providers that have never attending even a single local TSCM training opportunity. Yet, these are examples of the people that many corporate, businesses, individuals and even the government contract to provide technical security related services. Professional Development is a key requirement in learning new trade-craft to counter the hostile trade-craft of the modern day threat actor. The TSB 2000 (Technical) Standard is primarily designed and developed for front-line technical operators, referred to as Technical Security Specialist (TSS) designates under the TSB 2000 (Technical) Standard.