Burst Detect Model (BDM) | Software Update v1.42-44DEV

Another week, another software defined radio innovation! Professional Development is pleased to announce the first implementation of a complementary Kestrel Learning Mode (KLM), burst detection capability that can be deployed in conjunction with the new Exceedance Detection Model (EDM) or entirely independently. The Burst Detect Model (BDM) provides the best of two (2) complementary threat and signal detection strategies. The algorithmic KLM provides a measure of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the elementary level based on a managed exceedance modelling capability. The Burst Detect Model (BDM) can be deployed to extract operator defined burst events that do not meet the operator defined exceedance requirements of the algorithmic modelling. The resulting combination provides exceedance and burst detection on independent color-coded signal lists and display overlays. This latest release drop file provides the first look at this powerful resource. The ability to render a BDM detection is supported. The next release will see the completion of the BDM signal list output rendering, which is in the final stages of implementation. We are excited about this latest achievement given the reality of modern communication standards. There is yet one further capability on the development schedule to be announced shortly, bring the KLM, EDM, and BDM resource full circle. This release provides operators with the ability to evaluate the work-in-progress capability of the exceedance and burst modelling. Please feel free to explore and share your thoughts with us. There is a lot of room for continued innovation and algorithmic tweaking of this futuristic, next generation TSCM resource. The mighty Kestrel TSCM Professional Software brings a modern and balanced approach to the complexities of TSCM deployment by scientific development and achievement with a commitment and focus to enhanced national (technical) security. We encourage all technical operators to attend our 5-day Virtual Classroom | Certified Technical Operator (VC-CTO) training. It takes just 5-days of advanced training to harness the advanced capability to the software. Open participant and private group training is available.