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We have now release a new Cellular Tower database for Canada.

The files are split by province and territory and any single file or multiple files can be opened as a spectrum overlay.

This now allows technical operators to open the spectrum licensing and cellular tower files.

This database includes 980,694 site licensing records and provides similar data elements and metrics as the spectrum licensing database structure.

Although this exciting development is for Canada, we are working to implement this feature for all of the supported licensing databases for the United States and Australia as we continue with our scientific research and development activities.

The new cellular tower FDB files are now online for download by licensed technical operators by province and territory.

We are very pleased to be able to advance our development efforts during the pandemic the past number of months to bring new powerful features such as our Tap Capture Plot (TCP), Dynamic Trace Autonomous Platform (DTAP-GPS) and additional demodulation modes and capability. The mighty Kestrel Never Sleeps…

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