Kestrel TSCM ® Professional Software | v1.41-19DEV (Drop File)

We have now released a new Beta release at v1.41-19DEV as a general maintenance release drop file that addresses an ARG rendering bug. 1.41x.19DEV is now available and addresses the following fixes and enhancements;

An ARG rendering bug noted in v1.41-18DEV has now fixed.

The AF Oscilloscope gain default has been changed to a lower value.

Fixed the AF Spectrum flickering and blackout during slider bar limit movement.

The average trace for the AF Spectrum is back to being a line rather than fill for better clarity.

A new Morse decoder on/off switch is available via the CW menu.

CW Menu is now correctly enabling/disabling with selection of the CW mode.

The Kestrel TSCM ® Professional Software now includes a powerful CW demodulation mode as a first step to implementing our demodulation capability.

n preparation for the pending release of a digital demodulation capability on-going work is progressing with the demodulation code structure and new features are being added daily.

The new CW demodulation mode and configuration menu has now been implemented and officially released.

What to try out the latest features, download the v1.41-19DEV beta drop file to see all the latest standard features.

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