Kestrel TSCM Professional Software | New Feature Alert | v1.42-31DEV | Available!

We are pleased to announce a powerful new feature in response to the pandemic difficulties realized in conducting our popular classroom based Certified Technical Operator (CTO) and Certified Government Technical Operator (CGTO) programs. To better accommodate advanced virtual classroom training at the software level, we have added a powerful transmitter control with C2 support for the Signal Hound (VSG60A) Vector Signal Generator. There are three (3) primary benefits of the transmitter control feature. During the deployment of the Kestrel Central Visualizer (KCV) | Remote Radio Management (RRM) of any combination of master and remote-satellite resources, the VSG60A can provide a unique intrusion detection and monitoring system verification capability across the network, to validate the data recovery process from the remote site. The ability to provide advanced Remote Virtual Classroom (RVC) training can easily be accomplished utilizing a portable Kestrel Remote Classroom Management System (CMS) in the classroom and controlled remotely by the instructor for realistic live Signal of Interest (SOI) training. Standalone operation of the transmitter control capability is useful in demonstrating the advanced capability of the Signal Hound Vector Signal Generator’s (VSG60A) ability to stream single-shot, or continuous IQ samples as over-the-air (OTA) signals, and recover the transmitted signal event on supported SDR hardware. Details about the operation of the Transmitter Control feature can be found in the protected Technical Support Group (TSG) Resource Centre website within the Supplemental Documentation area.