Technical Surveillance Device | Intelligence Database (TSD-ID)

We are pleased to announce the implementation of a powerful new technical operator resource located within the protected Technical Support Group (TSG) TM | Resource Centre website. The Technical Surveillance Device | Intelligence Database (TSD-ID) TM provides a detailed technical analysis of various radio-frequency surveillance technologies reviewed at the Red Deer Training Centre (RDTC) TM | RF Development Lab. Resources include a primary PDF document that provides a general overview of the device with images, descriptions, technical findings and annotated RF spectrum plots. We have also included a series of Kestrel IQ (KIQ) TM files that the technical operator can download and open within the Kestrel TSCM ® Professional Software | Demodulation Visualizer and IQ Recorder. The first device of many to come reference documents, has now been posted for online review and / or download by authorized license technical operators of the Kestrel TSCM ® Professional Software. A wide range of additional Technical Surveillance Devices (TSD) are currently under evaluation at our lab, and scheduled to be added to the database in the coming weeks. There are many clear advantages for technical operators who have selected the Kestrel TSCM ® Professional Software over obsolete single box solutions. The cold war era is dead and today’s technical operators at all threat levels need to embrace a new standards-based, modern Software Defined Software (SDR) methodology.