Mighty Kestrel TSCM Updates

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of the Kestrel TSCM Professional Software that now includes, all significant recent work to v1.46-47DEV (as an internal) release. The latest mighty Kestrel TSCM updates are included in the Automatic Update Tool to the official release code v1.46.3. We have also released the same version in an Air Gap standalone installer for non-network connected computers. This is another significant release that include a number of new key features, such as as operator-defined file naming conventions utility for virtually all of the file exports and output files. As part of the latest mighty Kestrel TSCM updates, it is now possible to capture IQ files (KIQ, WAV, CSV) when operating in our powerful real-time Intermediate Broadband (IFB) mode. This capability provides a powerful analytical capability across the operator-defined real-time bandwidth. There will be an additional update pending to clean-up a number of minor feature enhancements and house-keeping elements during the next week. Full support for the new SM435B Spectrum Analyzer and Monitoring Receiver is also included in this latest release. Awesome technology for the modern spectrum warrior! The new Signal Hound BB60D is now shipping and is also supported by the Kestrel TSCM Professional Software. There are additional software features on the horizon and these will be announced shortly for inclusion within the next software Auto Update Tool. The dates and venue for the Canadian Technical Security Conference (CTSC 2023) have been confirmed! It is time to show your support by registering as a participant, submitting a presentation as a presenter, or advantaging a sponsorship, advertising or exhibitor status. The CTSC 2023 event is scheduled to run in Western Canada at the University of Calgary in the heart of Alberta Canada for the first time in the existence of the CTSC event, dating back to 2006. The dates are Tuesday April 25, 2023 to Thursday April 27, 2023. Please plan to attend this uniquely Canadian professional development event with a growing international following. Stay on a few more days and visit Banff or Jasper in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, as a well deserved family vacation over the weekend. Welcome to Alberta!