Virtual Classroom | 22-005

Attention all Kestrel TSCM Professional Software users! Did you know that we run monthly All Things Kestrel | Virtual Classroom (VC) briefing sessions? The Virtual Classroom | 22-005 is the next scheduled instructor led, live free monthly training for technical operators worldwide. Our sessions are by invitation only and we encourage all Kestrel users to attend these important sessions. The Virtual Classroom | 22-005 training opportunity is set for Wednesday May 11, 2022 with two (2) sessions available for those in various time zones. The first 3-hour session runs from 0800 MDT (Mountain Daylight Time), and the second session runs at 1700 MDT (Mountain Daylight Time). The Wednesday May 11, 2022 session will tackle the question of TSCM Antenna Management | Expectations vs Reality. You do not need to carry a suitcase full of antennas or spend thousands of dollars on so-called TSCM antennas to get the job done. This session will look a various antenna types and designs and demonstrate some of the challenges faced by the technical operator when working in an ever expanding spectrum range of interest. Join us for the Wednesday June 22, 2022 All Things Kestrel | Virtual Classroom (VC) | 22-006 session and learn about the Kestrel Learning Mode | Exceedance Detect Model (EDM) | Burst Detect Model (BDM) technology, that brings a measure of balanced artificial intelligence (AI), combined with and human (operator) intellect, to fast forward obsolete exceedance only threat models typically employed by competitive TSCM products. It is essential that operators learn to characterize the real spectrum display and not rely on graphs. There is too much going on at the spectrum level in real-time that must be addressed. Kestrel operators are trained to identify hostile signals across the entire spectrum and not just in band specific regions. This is a recognized fact at national security levels and one that is generally ignored by commercial operators looking for the easy way out. Kestrel is a challenging TSCM software that challenges the technical operator to look beyond the obvious spectrum and surface the real threats. If you are not on the invitation list, no problem, contact before the next session. Training is open to all licensed technical operators worldwide. The May 2022 edition of the Kestrel TSCM Newsletter is now available for download or online viewing.